Pipe Stress Analysis

Pipe Stress Analysis plays a vital role in deciding safety of Piping, Piping components, Equipments & supporting structure, by addressing the Static and dynamic loading results from the effects of gravity, temperature charges, internal & external pressures, changes in fluid flow rate and seismic activity.

The P.G.D. in Pipe Stress Analysis is developed to give complete exposure to all the aspect of Pipe Stress Analysis including avoiding Piping Deflections.

We are offering this training programme in Regular Batch, Week end Batch, Online Training & through Distance Education. This program is designed to cater to the needs of fresher as well as experienced professionals. We welcome candidates to our Academy to enhance their present candidature by participating in the program.

P.G.D. in Pipe Stress Analysis 60 HOURS
1. Pressure design of process piping per ASME B31.3 : Pipe wall thickness calculations, operating pressure, design pressure, operating & design temperature, max allowable operating pressure.
2. Pressure design of piping components per ASME B31.3 : Pipe, elbows, mitre bends, reinforcement pad calculation for branch connections, flanges, blanks, reducers, expansion joints and gaskets.
3. Exposure to Hydraulic design of liquid piping systems : Flow rate, velocity, pipe sizing calculations, Reynolds number- laminar/turbulent flow, Darcy Weisbach & Hazen William equations, pressure drop calculations, NPSH calculations.
  • Introduction to Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Stress- Strain relationship, analysis like- why piping components fail.
  • Classification of loads- sustained load & occasional load.
  • Requirements of ASME B31.3 code for process piping, stress intensification factors, thermal analysis using Kellogg charts.
  • Piping stress, causes, impacts, stress categories like- thermal stress, longitudinal stress, hoop stress and allowable stresses.
Over view of NDT (Non Destructive Testing) methods for piping inspections, radiography testing, ultrasonic testing, computed tomography, etc

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