Oil & Gas Engineering

We offer wide range of Design Engineering & Consulting solutions to Power Plants & Process Industries like Oil & Gas, Sugar, Chemicals, etc. Indus Engineering division members are having expertise on Process Design, Piping Design, Stress Analysis & Process Equipment Designing & detailing.

The Engineering solutions include Process Design – Development of PFD and P&ID, Piping Design Calculations, Layout preparation, 3D Modeling, Pipe Stress Analysis, Pipe Support Design, Manufacturing Drawings, Detail Engineering – Bill of Materials, Structural Design, Structural Analysis, performing design calculations as per international codes such as ASME, BIS, API etc

Indus Process Design Engineering team has vast experience in providing services starting from carrying out different Simulation Studies to develop Mass & Head Balance, development of Process Flow Diagram, Piping & Instrumentation Development to preparing control & shutdown philosophy.

Following are the list of services offered :

  • Process Simulation & Process Optimization.
  • Development of Process Flow Diagram (PFD)
  • Development of Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
  • Sizing calculations of Process Equipments : Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessel, Storage Tank, Boilers, Dryers.
  • Specifications for Process Equipment & Instrumentation
  • Preparation of Control and Shutdown philosophy
  • Development of Cause and Effect Diagram
  • Utility summary preparation
  • As-built incorporation in engineering documents
  • Drafting P&ID using AutoCAD \ SP P&ID

The Piping Design Engineering division has offered services to varied segment of industries like Offshore Platforms, Refineries, Power plant & other Process plants. We have provided services starting from preparation of General Arrangement Drawings, Piping layout, preparation of Intelligent P&ID, 3D modeling, Pipe Stress calculations to Detailed Engineering.

Following are the list of services offered :

  • Preparation of Intelligent P&ID.
  • Pipe Design Engineering- Pipe wall thickness Calculations
  • Piping Material Specification
  • Preparation of piping design basis
  • Detail Plant Layout
  • Equipment layout drawings
  • Preparation of Piping & Equipment General Arrangement Drawing
  • 3D Modeling – PDMS
  • Preparation of Isometric & Piping Spool Drawings
  • Pipe Stress & Flexibility Analysis
  • Support Design and Selection
  • Generation of BOM, MTO for Piping, Valves & Fittings

The Mechanical Engineering division is focused more on providing the value added services to customers with respect to selection & fabrication materials of difference Process Equipment used across the industry.

Following are the list of services offered :

  • Mechanical Equipment Layout drawing in 2D & 3D Environments
  • Preparation of Design Basis Report
  • Selection and specifying Compressor, Blowers, Fans & Pumps
  • Design & detailing of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Separators & Filters
  • Preparation of Data Sheets and purchase specifications
  • Requisition and Review of Vendor drawings / Specifications
  • Design & specification of Material handling equipments
  • Detail fabrication drawings of Equipment
  • FEA for Thermal and Structural Load Conditions

The structural engineering team has vast experience in Designing &
Detailing of structures with respect to Oil & Gas, Power plant

  • Preparation of Design Basis and Technical Specifications
  • Optimization of structural configuration
  • Design, Modeling and analysis- offshore structures
  • Structural Analysis
  • Design of Modular structures, integrated units, multilevel units
  • Structural drafting & Modeling units
  • Preparation of Bill of quantities and material specifications
  • Load outs, float off and float over analysis
Design Systems :-
ASME code calculations for Mechanical & Piping :-
* ASME Sec VIII Div.1
* ASME Sec VIII Div.2
* ASME Sec I for Power Boilers
* ASME 31 for Piping
Analysis & Simulation Systems :-
* STAAD. Pro
API reference codes for Process Engineering :-
* API 12 J
* API 14 C, RP 14 E,
* API 520, 521, 526