Manufacturing Solutions

Indus is equipped with advanced tool room for manufacturing Injection & Blow Moulds. Core, Cavity & Electrodes machining is done on the Makino S-23 CNC machine. We have also expertise in high precision component machining for aerospace industries. We take up the reverse engineering of the component, mockup and prototyping for automobile, medical, consumer, electronics & telecommunication industries. Apart from the manufacturing tools for plastic components, production and supply of plastic component are also undertaken by Indus

Our strengths INDUS is well coordinated and team focused, highly technically skilled people, ensures effective communication, low overheads and a cost-effective result, adaptability to multiple client standards quickly and provides Timely delivery, Indus assures consistent, ‘on-time’ delivery 24X7 business model to support.


  • Reliable quality
  • Error free/zero defect delivery
  • Process driven project execution

Our expertise

  • Inherent consultancy experience
  • Seamless client management
  • Client based dedicated window person concept, enables seamless integration with clients With our robust status monitoring/reporting method, clients would be well informed

Our Capacity Scalable business model based on client needs

Low cost supply chain

We have proven experience to fulfill either risk of supply chain breakdown or alternate low-cost supplier for countries of North America and Europe  established manufacturing transitions to low-cost countries (India) thus huge $$$ savings and uninterrupted supply to our customers.